Report – Monitoring Seniors’ Services 2017

The Office of the Seniors Advocate’s (OSA) third annual Monitoring Seniors’ Services report looks at over 25 programs and services offered to seniors in B.C. and measures performance on a year over year basis.

Report Highlights Include:

  • In 2015/16, 92% of seniors were attached to a GP or GP practice; this has remained relatively constant over the past three years.
  • The average home support hours delivered per client per year decreased by 3% from the previous year, while the number of clients increased by 3.5%. This trend of decreases in home support matched against increased client complexity continues to be of concern.
  • There has been a 23.5% increase in the number of home care complaints over last year; this includes professional services such as nursing and physical therapy, as well as home support.
  • Since 2005, the Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER) maximum rent that qualifies for a subsidy has increased 9%, while rents have increased by 45% (7% in the last year alone).
  • The number of Seniors’ Subsidized Housing units continues to decrease. From 2013/14 to 2016/17, there was a decrease of almost 5%. The number of people 55 or older waiting for a unit increased nearly 16% in the last year alone.
  • There was a 5% increase in the number of new clients registered for HandyDART from last year, a 10% increase in ride requests, and a 10% increase in rides provided.
  • The Seniors Abuse and Information line received 1,763 calls pertaining to abuse in 2016, a 21% increase compared to 2015.
  • In regions served by the RCMP, the number of 65+ victims of violent offences has decreased since 2009, while the number of 65+ victims of property offenses has increased by 36%.


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