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December 2021

Facility Glengarry Hospital
Health authority Vancouver Island Health Regulation/Legislation Hospital Act
Street address 1780 Fairfield Rd. Accreditation status Accredited
City/postal code Victoria Accreditation expiry date April 2022
Phone number (250) 370-8699 Contact for complaints Manager
Operator (Type) Vancouver Island Health (Health Authority) Phone number of complaint contact (250) 370-5736
Opened 1965 Personal spending account Yes
Councils Family Council Visitor parking (cost) Yes (fee charged)
Meetings held Regular Schedule Average Wait Time From 2 to 180 days, with an average of 67 days
Current language(s) spoken by staff English, German, Farsi, French, Tagalog, Punjabi, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean

Source: Facility

Facility Fees for Personal Services
Cable monthly service included No Other extra fees n/a
Telephone monthly service included No
Internet monthly service included No

Source: Facility

Beds 1 (March 31, 2021) Room Configuration 2 (March 31, 2021)
Private beds (not publicly funded) 0 Private rooms 25
Publicly funded beds (short- and long-term) 135 Semi-private rooms 15
Total beds 135 Multi-person rooms 21

Source: 1. Ministry of Health, 2. Facility

Contracted Services
Professional nursing services n/a Housekeeping services n/a
Non-regulated services (care aides) n/a Plant/building maintenance n/a
Food services provided by Outside Contractor Food prepared and cooked on site Yes

Source: Facility

Funding 2019/20 2020/21
Total direct care hours (hours per resident per day) 1 3.36 3.36
Nursing care hours (hours per resident per day) 2.99 2.99
Registered Nurse (hours per resident per day) n/a 0.28
Licensed Practical Nurse (hours per resident per day) n/a 0.56
Care Aide (hours per resident per day) n/a 2.15
Allied health hours (hours per resident per day) 0.37 0.37
Food costs per resident per day (actual cost) 2 $9.05 $9.13
Facility per diem rate2 n/a n/a

Source: 1. Ministry of Health, 2. Health Authority

Licensing (2020/21)
Complaints, 2020/21
Number of licensing complaints 6 Number substantiated licensing complaints 0
Incidents, 2020/21
Serious adverse events 2
Risk Rating Low Risk Score n/a
Number of Inspections 0 Number of licensing infractions found 0
Licensing Infractions
Licensing 0 Nutrition & food services 0
Physical facility, equipment & furnishings 0 Medication 0
Staffing 0 Program 0
Policies & procedures 0 Records & reporting 0
Care & supervision 0 Resident Bill of Rights 0
Hygiene & communicable disease control 0 Other 0

Source: Health Authority

Resident Profile (2020/21) Facility B.C.
Average age of population 82 84
Percent female 71.7% 63.6%
Percent 85 years or older 51.6% 54.1%
Percent younger than 65 years 6.5% 5.7%
Average length of stay (days) 766 900
Percent of residents diagnosed with depression 19.4% 23.4%
Percent of residents dependent in activities of daily living 36.7% 32.4%
Percent of residents in a wheelchair 50.4% 52.1%
Percent of residents with dementia (mild to severe) 68.3% 63.6%
Percent of residents with severe cognitive impairment (includes severe dementia) 30.6% 28.4%
Percent of residents with physically abusive behaviour 9.7% 8.6%
Average index of social engagement 2.3 2.6
Percent of residents with low social engagement 59.7% 50.0%
Case mix index 0.59 0.58

Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information

Care Services & Quality Indicators (2020/21) Facility B.C.
Percent of residents receiving physical therapy 1.5% 10.1%
Percent of residents receiving recreation therapy 65.4% 28.4%
Percent of residents receiving occupational therapy 59.5% 5.6%
Percent of residents receiving depression medication 49.4% 50.5%
Percent of residents taking antipsychotic drugs without a diagnosis of psychosis 26.6% 25.7%
Percent of residents with daily physical restraints 10.0% 6.5%
Percent of residents with falls in the last 30 days 9.8% 12.8%
Percent of residents with a worsened pressure ulcer 3.4% 2.3%

Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information

Vaccination Coverage (2020/21) Facility B.C.
Percent of residents vaccinated for influenza 84.4% 88.5%
Percent of health care workers vaccinated for influenza 63.4% 63.4%
Percent of residents vaccinated for COVID-19 97.0% 95.7%

Source: BC Centre for Disease Control