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Home Support Survey 2021/22

In December 2021, the Office of the Seniors Advocate launched the second province-wide survey of Home Support recipients and their families/caregivers. All home support clients and their family/caregivers are invited to participate in this survey.

Income Support Impacted by CERB

The Canadian Economic Recovery Benefit (CERB) in 2020 it may have impacted your federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) payments.

Wildfires in B.C.

More than 1500 properties in B.C. remain under evacuation order due to wildfires raging nearby.

Heatwave 2021

A heatwave can be challenging for many British Columbians, especially the elderly.

Tax Preparation

The deadline to file taxes is April 30, 2021. Here are some tips.

Fraud Prevention Resources

March is Fraud Prevention Month, and with reported cases of fraud going up, seniors are encouraged to increase their awareness of current scams and learn how they can protect themselves.