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Annual Publications

Monitoring Seniors Services

Monitoring Seniors Services is an annual report focusing on key services in B.C. that fall under the Advocate’s legislated mandate.

Annual Report

The Annual Report of the Office of the Seniors Advocate describes some of the activities undertaken by the office each fiscal year.

Systemic Reports

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  • Hidden and Invisible: Seniors Abuse and Neglect in British Columbia

    In this report, Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie details the results of a systemic review of seniors’ abuse and neglect in British Columbia. The review examined the protections that exist for B.C. seniors, the prevalence of seniors’ abuse and neglect, the method of reporting abuse and neglect, and the response to reports of seniors’ abuse and neglect.

  • Review of COVID-19 Outbreaks in Care Homes in British Columbia

    In this report, Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie released the results of a province-wide review of COVID-19 outbreaks in long-term care and assisted living sites during the first year of the pandemic.

  • A Billion Reasons to Care

    A Billion Reasons to Care is the first provincial review of the $1.4 billion-dollar contracted long-term care sector in British Columbia. The review examined industry contracts, annual audited financial statements and detailed reporting on revenue and expenditures for the years 2016/17 and 2017/18.

  • Home Support Review

    Home support is falling short in meeting needs. This review finds inadequate levels of care.

  • Moving In the Right Direction: HandyDART Survey Results

    BC’s Seniors Advocate released results of a province-wide survey of almost 7,500 HandyDART users in the province today. The survey highlights that while 91% of users are satisfied with the service when they receive it, almost 1/3 of respondents say it is not meeting, or only moderately meeting, their transportation needs.

  • Making Progress: Placement, Drugs and Therapy Update

    The progress report highlights that some improvements are being made in the provisions of rehabilitative therapies to seniors in residential care, as well as the use of antipsychotic medications. Data also show that the premature placement of seniors into residential care is also declining.

  • Listening to your voice: Home support survey results

    The Office of the Seniors Advocate releases results from the comprehensive home support survey conducted last year. This report presents the collective voice of almost 10,000 home support clients and their family members who responded to our survey.

  • Resident to Resident Aggression in B.C. Care Homes

    The Office of the Seniors Advocate releases its review of incidents of resident to resident aggression in B.C.'s licensed residential care facilities. The review gathered and examined data from a variety of sources, including Health Authorities, reporting systems, and facilities themselves.

  • B.C. Seniors Survey: Bridging the Gaps

    This first survey by the Office of the Seniors Advocate asked B.C. seniors a series of questions on issues from housing and transportation to their knowledge of services and programs.

  • The Journey Begins: Together, We Can Do Better

    The first report by the Seniors Advocate summarizes findings from the start of her appointment in April 2014 and outlines her plans to bring forward objective and meaningful information.