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December 2023

Facility Stuart Lake Hospital Service Type Long-Term Care
Health authority Northern Health Regulation/Legislation Hospital Act
Street address 600 Stuart Drive E Accreditation status Accredited
City/postal code Fort St. James/V0J1P0 Accreditation expiry date not available
Phone number (250) 996-8201 Contact for complaints Head Nurse
Operator (Type) Northern Health (Health Authority) Phone number of complaint contact (250) 996-8201x2286
Opened 1972 Personal spending account Yes
Councils No Councils Visitor parking (cost) Yes (no fee)
Meetings held n/a Co-located with an assisted living residence No
Wait Time suppressed
Current language(s) spoken by staff English, Carrier
Indigenous Territory Nak╩╝azdli Territory

Source: 1. Facility; 2. Health Authority; 3.Ministry of Health

Resident Fees for Personal Services
Cable monthly service included Yes Other extra fees n/a
Telephone monthly service included No
Internet monthly service included Yes

Source: Facility

Beds (as of March 31, 2023) Room Configuration (excluding short-stay beds) (as of March 31, 2023)
Private beds (not publicly funded) 0 Single Occupancy 6
Publicly funded beds (short and long-term) 6 Double Occupancy 0
Total beds 6 Other Occupancy 0

Source: 1. Ministry of Health; 2. Facility

Contracted Services
Professional nursing services n/a Housekeeping services n/a
Non-regulated services (care aides) n/a Plant/building maintenance n/a
Food services provided by Operator Food prepared and cooked on site Yes

Source: Facility

Funding 2021/22 2022/23
Total direct care hours (hours per resident per day) 3.66 3.66
Nursing care hours (hours per resident per day) 3.66 3.66
Registered Nurse (hours per resident per day) 1.83 1.83
Licensed Practical Nurse (hours per resident per day) 0.00 0.00
Care Aide (hours per resident per day) 1.83 1.83
Allied health hours (hours per resident per day) 0.00 0.00
Food costs per resident per day (actual cost) $10.97 $12.70
Facility per diem rate n/a n/a
Monthly client rate for publicly funded bed (single) From $1,237 to $3,576 with an average of $1,913 From $1,338 to $3,847 with an average of $1,280

Source: 1. Ministry of Health; 2. Health Authority

Licensing, 2022/23
Number of licensing complaints n/a Number of substantiated licensing complaints n/a
Incidents Total
Per 100 beds Total
Per 100 beds
Facility B.C. Facility B.C.
Disease outbreak or occurrence 0 0.0 0.9 Medication error with adverse event 0 0.0 0.3
Abuse / neglect 0 0.0 0.8 Missing or wandering person 0 0.0 0.7
Fall with injury/adverse event 0 0.0 8.6 Other injury 0 0.0 1.9
Food or other poisoning 0 0.0 0.1 Aggressive behaviour 0 0.0 3.7
Unexpected Illness 0 0.0 21.0 Attempted suicide 0 0.0 0.1
Expected death 0 0.0 25.5 Other - clinical 0 0.0 0.8
Unexpected death 0 0.0 0.7 Other - service delivery 0 0.0 0.7
Risk Rating n/a Risk Score n/a
Number of Inspections 1 Number of licensing infractions found 0
Licensing Infractions
Licensing 0 Nutrition & food services 0
Physical facility, equipment & furnishings 0 Medication 0
Staffing 0 Program 0
Policies & procedures 0 Records & reporting 0
Care & supervision 0 Resident Bill of Rights 0
Hygiene & communicable disease control 0 Other 0

Source: Health Authority

Resident Profile (2022/23) Facility B.C.
Average age of population 92 83
Percent female 87.5% 63.3%
Percent 85 years or older 100.0% 52.8%
Percent younger than 65 years 0.0% 5.6%
Average length of stay (days) suppressed 817
Percent of residents diagnosed with depression n/a 22.9%
Percent of residents dependent in activities of daily living n/a 32.4%
Percent of residents in a wheelchair n/a 53.3%
Percent of residents with dementia (mild to severe) n/a 62.9%
Percent of residents with severe cognitive impairment (includes severe dementia) n/a 27.5%
Percent of residents with physically abusive behaviour n/a 8.4%
Average index of social engagement n/a 2.7
Percent of residents with low social engagement n/a 48.0%
Case mix index n/a 0.58

Source: Canadian Institute for Health Information

Care Services & Quality Indicators (2022/23) Facility B.C.
Percent of residents receiving physical therapy n/a 11.1%
Percent of residents receiving recreation therapy n/a 30.3%
Percent of residents receiving occupational therapy n/a 5.5%
Percent of residents receiving depression medication n/a 51.3%
Percent of residents taking antipsychotic drugs without a diagnosis of psychosis n/a 27.9%
Percent of residents taking antipsychotic drugs with or without a diagnosis of psychosis n/a 34.9%
Percent of residents taking nine or more medications n/a 44.6%
Percent of residents with daily physical restraints n/a 6.0%
Percent of residents with falls in the last 30 days n/a 12.8%
Percent of residents with a worsened pressure ulcer n/a 2.2%
Percent of residents with four or more emergency room visits 0.0% 1.4%

Source: 1. Canadian Institute for Health Information; 2. Health Authority

Vaccination Coverage (2022/23) Facility B.C.
Percent of residents vaccinated for influenza 83.3% 87.5%
Percent of health care workers vaccinated for influenza n/a 39.1%
Percent of residents vaccinated for COVID-19 suppressed 84.0%

Source: 1. BC Centre for Disease Control; 2. Ministry of Health; 3. Facility