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The Office of the Seniors Advocate monitors and analyzes seniors services and issues in B.C., and makes recommendations to government and service providers to address systemic issues.

The Seniors Advocate provides a quarterly update on the activities of the Office and other important information for seniors.

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The third Monitoring Seniors’ Services is the annual update to our report on key seniors’ services in the province, highlighting where seniors’ needs are being met, and where improvements are most needed.

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The Office of the Seniors Advocate monitors and analyzes seniors services and issues in B.C., and makes recommendations to government and service providers to address systemic issues.

Find information for seniors about B.C.'s health care system and how to access its services.

Isobel Mackenzie has over 20 years’ experience working with seniors in home care, licensed care, community services and volunteer services.

B.C. seniors live in a variety of housing arrangements, from owning their own home or renting to subsidized housing and assisted living. Learn more about the programs and services.

The Council of Advisors is made up of B.C. seniors with diverse experiences, from a variety of cultures and communities.

Both the federal and provincial governments offer income support programs for B.C. seniors. Learn where to access them.

Personal support services help seniors maintain healthy, independent and dignified lives. Learn about how to find programs in your community.

Whether by car, bus, ferry or mobility device, seniors need to get around. Learn more about the transportation services offered to B.C. seniors.

Need help finding seniors' programs and services? Our information and referral specialists are available Monday to Friday from 8:30-4:30.

The B.C. Seniors guide is a comprehensive source for information on programs and services available to B.C. Seniors

In this report, Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie shares findings of a five-week survey about the impact of COVID-19 related visitor restrictions at long-term care and assisted living homes. The survey, answered by residents, their family members and the general public, had over 13,000 valid responses. Learn more about survey participant responses and the Seniors Advocate’s … Continued

A Billion Reasons to Care is the first provincial review of the $1.4 billion-dollar contracted long-term care sector in British Columbia. The review examined industry contracts, annual audited financial statements and detailed reporting on revenue and expenditures for the years 2016/17 and 2017/18. Report Highlights The review found: financial reporting systems were inconsistent between health … Continued

Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie released an update report today confirming that caregiver distress is rising in B.C. while supports and services are not keeping pace with growing need. The report, Caregivers in Distress: A Growing Problem, is an update to a 2015 report that indicated 29% of unpaid caregivers are experiencing symptoms of distress such … Continued

BC’s Seniors Advocate released results of a province-wide survey of almost 7,500 HandyDART users in the province today. The survey highlights that while 91% of users are satisfied with the service when they receive it, almost 1/3 of respondents say it is not meeting, or only moderately meeting, their transportation needs. Highlights from the survey … Continued

Seniors Advocate Isobel Mackenzie released an update today to the report Placement, Drugs and Therapy…We Can Do Better released by the Office of the Seniors Advocate in April 2015. The progress report highlights that some improvements are being made in the provisions of rehabilitative therapies to seniors in residential care, as well as the use of … Continued

The Office of the Seniors Advocate releases results from the comprehensive home support survey conducted last year. This report presents the collective voice of almost 10,000 home support clients and their family members who responded to our survey.   View the news release View the report View the complete results  

The Office of the Seniors Advocate releases its review of incidents of resident to resident aggression in B.C.’s licensed residential care facilities. The review gathered and examined data from a variety of sources, including Health Authorities, reporting systems, and facilities themselves.   Read the report Read the news release View the presentation Audio transcript of … Continued

This report on respite programs found that one-third of unpaid caregivers in B.C. are in distress, one of the highest rates in Canada. Respite is one of the most fundamental supports and is offered to B.C. caregivers through three provincially funded programs. However, as the report details, there are major gaps in the way respite is offered … Continued

The report highlights that 93% of seniors are living independently, and the help they need is mostly financial. Among the 18 recommendations in the report, Mackenzie proposes a bold new initiative to help senior homeowners afford to stay at home, calls for increases to rent subsidies for seniors, demands a commitment from the province to … Continued

The report documents findings from the Advocate’s first high-level review of health assessment records of B.C.’s 25,000 seniors in residential care and 29,000 seniors receiving home care. Three systemic issues of immediate concern were found: Up to 15% of B.C. seniors who are living in residential care may be incorrectly housed. While 47% of residential … Continued